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As founder and director of Madonna House Inc., A Religious Association, located in Neptune, New Jersey, I would like to introduce myself and our organization to you.

Madonna House is truly a living witness to God's call - to serve the poor! We have stood in the trenches of the culture of death for 21 years and our volunteers are here to minister to destitute children who live in our local communities. Through the apostolic works of Madonna House, we have literally helped thousands of local children with the necessities of life, even helped pay for shelter - which is all freely given!

In 1983, I traveled to Juarez, Mexico for the purpose of adopting a newborn infant, Juan Tomas, with the help of a Roman Catholic Priest, Father Rich Thomas. Our son was one of thirteen children, and half of his brothers and sisters had died from starvation or lack of sanitary conditions. Being eyewitnesses to abstract poverty, I desired to do something in thanksgiving to God for my many blessings. Through the poverty of this beautiful infant, I fell in love with the poor, and God brought it all together. I founded Madonna House Inc., A Religious Association, for the purpose of serving needy children and women in our local area.

Because the poor are so often over-looked, misunderstood and unloved, I continued to reach out to the improvised. I rescued and adopted eight more children of different/mixed races because their lives were in danger! These children were the forgotten ones, the castaways, the ones society wanted to pretend didn’t exists and wanted to rid itself of. One of the children was literally saved from the knife of an abortionist; another child is autistic and the youngest child from Haiti is hydrocephalic, cannot talk, has frequent seizures and because he is missing a portion of his brain, has little use of high right hand and arm, and hobbles when he walks! Although the adopted children that God sent into my life came with challenges, through the outpouring of love and perseverance these children have blossomed beyond expectations! All this was done within the apostolic ministry of Madonna House and today this ministry continues to meet the challenges and needs of families.

Madonna House is a registered 501.(c).3 charity in humble service to destitute children and women. Since 1987, with the help of dedicated volunteers, Madonna House Inc. has given hope to thousands of children and their families throughout the state of New Jersey.

Our apostolate is consecrated to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and now continues in loving memory of Juan Tomas (John Thomas), who died in 2005, in a swimming accident. At the time of his death he was a Religious Brother and member of the "Society of Saint John," studying to become a Roman Catholic Priest.

While our fixed operating costs of $7,000 a month needs to be met in order to keep our doors open, it is miniscule in comparison to the enormous value of new and first-class, used, donated goods we receive year round, which are directly passed along to the many underprivileged families whom we willingly serve - free of charge! This includes, but is not limited to: children's clothing, diapers, baby wipes, children's furniture, small household appliances and other household items, bedding, infant formula, toiletries, toys and other basic, life necessities.

During the Christmas season many local churches, schools, organizations, auxiliaries, businesses and individuals donate a massive number of new gifts, to be used in our "old fashioned" gift distribution program, which literally helps thousands of local children. The dollar value of all these donations, both throughout the year and at Christmas time, is greater than a million dollars, which is truly a huge benefit to local destitute children. We are very proud of our humble, yet worthy program because it helps so many desolate families.

Your much needed financial support will help to keep our doors open. After our Christmas giving is over we always face many lean months ahead. Could you possibly consider supporting us on a monthly basis? This would truly be a Godsend for all the children whose families turn to us when they have nowhere else to go. Any amount that you can give is so very much appreciated! Please remember that without your financial support we cannot possibly continue to operate!

We pray that you will consider Madonna House Inc., A Religious Association, a must help and support us in our efforts to provide for the loveliest and most divine of all God’s creations…children and women!

We plead for your support. By giving alms for God’s poor – women and children – through Madonna House, you are showing God’s Mercy toward those most in need and gaining for your/yourselves a place in heaven. Thank you and God bless you.

In amore Jesu et Mariae,

Rebecca Blonski